We became vice world champion in Bangkok

This year the RoboCup World Cup was hosted in Thailand in the Bangkok Trade and Exhibition Center. The Logistics League, in which GRIPS took part, consisted of 4 different Universities, participating in various smaller production challenges and the full game. After the normal games for the World Cup there was also the possibility of participating in a technical open challenge which GRIPS won for the first time since its founding!

From left to right: Lukas Knoflach, Dominik Lampel, Anna Masiero, Tobias Frick, Marco De Bortoli, Leo Fürbaß, Stefan Moser, Peter Kohout

The competition was split into production challenges and the main track. For the production challenges we participated in the grasping, navigation and C0 challenge. We also participated in the main track of the event.
The main track had a qualification phase and final. After a very successful qualification phase, in which GRIPS managed to win all games, the two finalists were GRIPS and Carologistics. For the qualification we even managed to produce a C3, the product with the highest complexity. The more complex the product is the more production steps need to be done. Some of those production steps are retrieval of work pieces, paying for rings or throwing away garbage.

On the last day the final was held, GRIPS and Carologistics participated in a best of 5 in the finals. We congratulate Carologistics after great games to a 3-1 win in this competition! We are looking forward to the next competition and the next World Cup.