Securing the RoboCup world championship

For the second time this year, the GRIPS team became the world champion in the RoboCup, the world’s largest robotics and artificial intelligence competition. The last time the team made the first place, the competition was held in Montreal, Canada in 2018. The final game was between GRIPS and Carologistics, culminating in a 2-0 win for GRIPS. In this installment of the event, there were 6 teams, from all over the world participating.

(from left to right: Gerald Steinbauer-Wagner, Leo Fürbaß, Martin Nagele, David Beikircher, Stefan Moser, Peter Kohout, Thomas Kernbauer, Dominik Lampel, Marco De Bortoli)

Not only the championship title was achieved, but also the Open Challenge was won. Team GRIPS experimented with an innovative approach for communication using MQTT instead of OPCUA for usability and simplicity.

Overall the event was a total success for the team and we thank the University of Bordeaux for organizing the 26th RoboCup, our gratitude also extends to the participating teams and the league’s organizers. We are very much looking forward to another successful season for everyone involved in 2024. Unfortunately, some members could not make it to the event, however, this win would not have been possible without the help of everyone!

RoboCup 2023 1st place trophy